March 21, 2007

3/20 Sights and Sounds

Tuesday's practice revealed that Loren Howard had decided to stop playing football and Jon Hargis had switched back to defensive tackle after one day of working out as an offensive linemen. But there were many other things learned from the workout. For an in-depth look, check out this edition of our "Sights and Sounds" from practice.

-With Brandon Rodd not on the field Tuesday (at least when we were watching the OL), Julius Orieukwu ran with the first-team at left tackle, while Zach Krula remained at right tackle. Richard Tuitu'u, who continues to impress us with his improved physique and conditioning, was at second team left tackle. Overall this group had a very good day and we're very confident that the top seven players -- seniors Rodd, Orieuwku, Krula, Mike Pollak, Robert Gustavis, junior Paul Fanaika and sophomore Tuitu'u -- are going to be extremely solid. There is some versatility too. Krula and Rodd can play inside or outside. Orieukuw and Tuitu'u can play left or right tackle. As a whole, this is the best physically conditioned we've seen this group, and that is really an achievement considering they were in pretty good shape overall last year. We're going to spend a lot of time watching the scholarship backups in the coming weeks in order to get a better sense of where they are at. Shawn Lauvao is in terrific shape and he was absorbing some good instruction from Dan Cozzetto, and implementing it well on the very next rep.

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