March 14, 2007

Picking a national champion

Hi, my name is Geoff and I am a Kevin Durant-aholic.

I don't have any posters on the wall of the 6-9 wonder boy and I don't own any No.35 jerseys, but I will admit to having more than a little man-sized crush on the kid who I fully believe is the best college basketball talent I've ever seen.

In fact, I've gone so far in the last month as to compare Durant to some guy with the initials VY and that in itself is another discussion for another time. Yet when it comes to filling out my tournament bracket, I just can't do the same thing that you could do with Mr. Vince Young, which is basically count on any team he's playing for to find a win - some how, some way.

As much fun as the Texas basketball team is to watch and as much as my heart would like to pick them to make the Final Four, my head tells me that it's not going to happen. Oh, they might have a deep tournament run in them, but the prospect of having to potentially beat North Carolina and Georgetown in consecutive games next weekend seems very daunting to say the least.

The only way that happens is if Durant in the next two weeks starts to develop the kind of killer instinct that Young has when the game is on the line. The days of Durant letting others close out games has to end and this Texas team, especially D.J. Augustin, needs to not only trust its superstar in the final five minutes of games, they need to do everything they can to make it happen.

The truly great ones blossom when the spotlight shines the brightest and I'm not sure there's a bigger spotlight anywhere in the sports world than the NCAA Tournament. It's time to fully find out what this Durant kid is made of and in the process, let's see just how far this one-of-a-kind player can carry the Texas program.

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