March 7, 2007

Spring Breakdown: Tight Ends

Numbers Talent Experience Coaching Overall
Only three true tight ends for an offense that will rely heavily on solid tight end play, but Hillis helpsTalent is hot if Hillis is factored in, will be hot when freshmen arriveStarter Wes Murphy is gone, but Cleveland was the best receiver and Templeton has seen good actionShibest has WR mentality that could shine in teachings with the new philosophyThe tight ends will be better and more involved than a year ago, how much is yet to be determined

With four tight ends coming into spring practice, the numbers do not look that bad on the surface for coach James Shibest, but the tight ends' involvement in the passing game is supposed to increase dramatically in the new offense provided by former Dallas Cowboys assistant David Lee.

Through 16 games last season, in a very similar offense that Arkansas will attempt to run this season, Dallas tight ends caught 78 passes - an average of 4.9 per game. And it was not just goal line activity. Starting tight end Jason Witten, who had 64 of those catches for 754 yards, had just one touchdown. Most of the scores went to Terrell Owens, Terry Glenn, Julius Jones and Mario Barber.

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