February 21, 2007

Texas Tech helped themselves with Prater

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For a while now Kerrville linebacker Kyle Prater (6-foot-2, 210-pound) has had intentions on visiting Lubbock for Texas Tech's Junior Day. So when Saturday arrived Prater was all about business and went right to business on learning about the academic programs as well as the football program at Texas Tech.

"Right when we got there they took us into an auditorium type room, gathered us all together, and we watched a few videos. The first one was about the academics and that aspect of the school, and then when that was over we got to watch the highlight film. That was pretty cool to watch."

Not only did they get a bit of perspective from the videos, but they also were able to hear what life is like as a Red Raider from some of the current players.

"After the videos were over we were able to listen to some of the guys that are already on the team. I was hoping to get to talk to some of them one on one, but I didn't get to do that this weekend unfortunately."

Perhaps the highlight of the trip, Prater was able to have an in-depth conversation with Mike Leach as well as the defensive coaches. While red shirting, depth chart, and defensive schemes were some of the main talk, something was noticeably different.

"When I was on my way to meet with coach Leach and the other coaches I was told about his card tricks. So I was pretty intrigued. When I got in the office, I saw the deck of cards but unfortunately I didn't get to see any tricks."

While he may have been disappointed about the lack of magic, the conversation he had with the coaches says a lot about what the Texas Tech coaching staff thinks about him.

"While I was talking to the coaches, I asked them about how they do red shirts and if they see me having to take one. I was impressed when they told me that if I came to Tech, that I would be pushing for playing time from day one. I know they are losing a few linebackers, so the young guys are definitely going to have a lot of chances to compete. I like that aspect of it a lot."

Prater had a lot of things that he wanted to learn more about while in the Hub City. For the most part all of those questions were answered. However, there were still a few stones that were left unturned.

"The trip was really good and I had a good time. I learned a lot about the program and about what the school has to offer. There were two things that I missed though that I really want to see sometime soon. I wanted to talk to some of the current players, and I really wanted to see the dorms and how the student life is. Those were two things that were missing this weekend. Hopefully I can make it back up there to check it later this semester, or this summer."

While this trip definitely helped the Red Raiders out, Prater is a log way from making a decision.

"This trip definitely gave me a lot to think about, and I can definitely see myself at a place like Tech. It was my first visit to a school, so that was cool but I know there is a lot out there at other schools, and I need to make sure to look at all my options. Tech definitely helped them selves out though."

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