January 22, 2007

Trent Shelton's Journal: Taking the next step

Well Baylor fans,

This has been a very productive last two weeks for Baylor football. Starting off at the Inta-Juice Game both me and zig had pretty good days. Ziggy made the only offensive touchdown for the south and had a real great week of practice.

I think we both represented Baylor in a way that would make the school proud. From hearing around we both improved our stock at the game, and that is nothing but a blessing from God because it is so much pressure out there.

I think Coach Jackson prepared us well because he taught us the little things about the NFL that the other receivers from other schools did not know. We both love Coach Jack because he taught us so many things about the game of football and what the scouts look for so he has prepared us since we were freshman for this. I mean one bad day at practice could be the differnce from making six figures and living out your dream to doing something that you really dont want to do.

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