January 17, 2007

Charbonnet is excited, Lacour feels cheated

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Three-star athlete Taylor Charbonnet is ready to be a Red Raider. After committing early in the process, the gifted younger brother of current safety Daniel Charbonnet has been gearing up to start his career at Texas Tech. After seeing the huge Insight Bowl comeback in person, he was more than elated to welcome Mike Leach and Co. into his home.

"They're all just really good guys," said the younger Charbonnet. "Especially Coach Leach. My parents really like him and so do I. He's just a genuine guy. I mean, when you think of head football coaches, you think of these guys who might think they're pretty cool and stuff, but not Coach Leach. He's not a politician like, say, Mack Brown or someone. He's just really down to Earth and very honest. I really enjoyed having them around and I can't wait to get started."

Charbonnet also mentioned that he doesn't know which side of the ball he will be playing on, but added that he doesn't care what position he plays as long as his helmet has a Double T on it.


One thing that kicker Jonathan Lacour was really excited about seeing during Coach Leach's in home visit was a card trick or two. Sadly, the Kingwood product walked away feeling dejected.

"No, he didn't do any card tricks," joked Lacour. "I was really looking forward to that though."

Fortunately, the rest of the visit went very well, as the Lacours welcomed Leach and Dana Holgorsen into their home on Sunday.

"It was cool," said Lacour. "They were in town for an all-star game, so they just stopped by. It was so funny, we didn't even talk about football really. He asked how Christmas was and we told him we went on a cruise to Mexico. So he went on and on about Mexico and different places he's been to. Then he started talking about skiing for a long time. It was great. My mom was so excited about everything. She even baked a little cake and everything."

Lacour also explained that he was excited to get to Tech early in the summer to begin working on his punting responsibilities, as well as possibly handling kick-offs and holding for kicker Alex Trlica.

He elaborated, saying, "I'm really pumped, I can't wait. Usually I'd be bummed about not having my last summer as a senior. But I'm not disappointed about it at all because I'm so excited about going to Tech."

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