January 11, 2007

Gonzo NFL bound

Anthony Gonzalez had made quite a name for himself in his four years at Ohio State by being a speedy receiver who made big plays. "Gonzo" took his time this afternoon at the Woody Hayes facility as he read a prepared statement to announce his early departure from Ohio State and future plans for the NFL.

The decision was not an easy one for the junior receiver who had more than 700 receiving yards and eight touchdowns on the season. Gonzalez had long talked about coming back to be a captain on the team and how special it would be to present his mother with a rose on Senior Day. After weighing the pros and cons of his decision he came to the conclusion that he needed to make the move now rather than later.

"The reality of the game of football is that I could show up on the first day of spring ball, something terrible could happen and I may never be able to play this game and fulfill all the dreams that I wanted to," Gonzalez said. "I'm excited about it despite how I appear right now and I am looking forward to becoming a working man in society."

There had been a lot of speculation after the loss in the BCS Championship game that Gonzo might come back and the thought certainly crossed his mind when caught up with the emotion of the game and outcome.

"You never want to make a huge decision based purely on emotion so initially the reaction was 'Well I got to come back' but once you come to grips with reality and come to grips with all the facts and you think about what is actually best in life," Gonzalez said. "That's kind of where the decision took off."

Even though Gonzalez said he wasn't as concerned with which round he would be selected the NFL evaluation paperwork made it known that Gonzalez would hear his name sooner rather than later.

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