January 2, 2007

Signees comment on Knight's historic win

While Bob Knight gave a lot of credit to his current and players yesterday at the conclusion of his 880th victory which came against New Mexico we wanted to see what his future players had to say about the milestone.

Signees Mike Singletary, D'walyn Roberts and John Roberson all weighed in on their soon to be head coach.


Yeah, I saw the high lights, I didn't get to see it live. That was crazy. For me to get to play for him is going to be an honor. I can't wait to get to Lubbock so I can see what all he as to offer. He called me and I actually talked to him today and congratulated him. He was telling me about the UNLV game when his team didn't play that good until the last part when they ran out of time. He was saying that he had a lot of confidence in me and that if I was there that wouldn't happen and that it was really important for him to get a true point guard so that in those situations he felt that he had the confidence for me to make the right decision in crucial times. He was just letting me know what he is depending on me doing next year. It's crazy, I couldn't believe he would call me. But it was crazy.

That's a lot of bragging rights right there, just to be able to say you were able to play for that Coach. It's a real honor to talk to him and have a relationship with him, let alone to play for him.


Oh yeah, I watched the game. It was good, a good game. They shouldn't have let them come back though. But they kept the lead at the end and came out with the win.
That's real good for him to get that record. That he's really experienced and that he really knows what he's doing. I really want to play for a coach like that. It probably makes more players want to play for him and recruit better players. He's a real high caliber coach. Nah, he's never talked to me about the record.

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