December 21, 2006

Practice Report: Finishing Up

With week to go before the Independence Bowl, the Crimson Tide finished it's final day of work in full pads on Thursday.

"We tried to wrap things up a little today," said head coach Joe Kines. "We hit some goal line stuff, some short yardage stuff. Things that are really important that we cover before we get there."

Kines said the bowl practices have been very competitive thus far but Kines gave the upper hand to the offense in Thursday's practice.

"Our offense was really sharp when we went against the first team defense earlier. That was one of the best drills we've had in a long time. They really jumped out there and looked good and worked hard. You have to take your hat off to those guys, they've come to work everyday.""

Friday's practice will be the Tide's final day of work in Tuscaloosa before taking the weekend off and heading to

"We're going to do plenty of kicking tomorrow and hit all those situations and try to put a bow on this thing tomorrow. We'll just polish once we get to Shreveport. It's too late to build a ship once you get there. If it won't float by then, it's not going to float."

"I think the guys have got a good feel for Oklahoma State now and we've seen an awful lot of tape. Now it's just time to play."

Johnson happy to be back

Sophomore safety Rashad Johnson has learned not to take practice for granted in the weeks since his injury.

"I'm glad to be back out here," Johnson said. "It was terrible coming out here when I was hurt. You never know how bad you want to practice until you're hurt and can't practice. You always complain about how tired you are but once you get hurt, you wish you were out there. I'm so happy to be back out there competing."

Until this week, Johnson has been watching from the sidelines thanks to a high ankle sprain and partially torn MCL he suffered during the Mississippi State game. Johnson said he is glad to be back working with the team again and expects to play a major role in the Independence Bowl.

"I probably won't start but I'll be in the game early and often. We'll be back to our regular rotation at safety."

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