November 10, 2006

Shurburtt: L.A. prospect notes Recruiting Editor JC Shurburtt recently spent three days in the Los Angeles area visiting prospects. Below are notes from that trip.

Los Angeles Crenshaw defensive tackle Brian Price stands 6 feet 2 and is a solid 285 pounds. His low body fat, long arms and outstanding work ethic mean that UCLA will be getting a potentially great nose tackle or "two" technique interior defensive lineman. Don't be shocked if Price could play some "three" technique, either, given his athleticism, but the feeling here is that he's a nose or a two.

Crenshaw has a sleeper linebacker named Terrell Turner that somebody needs to get on fast. He's all of 6-3, 220 and has been killing people.'s Rick Kimbrel wrote this storyintroducing him to the country earlier this week and he is spot on in his evaluation. Turner is the type of prospect that has flown under the radar, but that we could possibly see making tons of plays on Saturday in the very near future.

Gardena Serra's DaJohn Harris is another special defensive lineman from the Los Angeles area. Harris is different than Price. He's a "three" technique all the way. He's taller at about 6-4, leaner and has long arms. It would not be stretch to slide Harris out to the end, but his upside is at its highest on the interior.

Serra wide receiver Anthony Boyles could end up being special. He has long arms and is a track guy, so he has plenty of speed. He also jump and uses his arms and huge hands to go up and get the ball at the highest point. Boyles has a few things here and there to learn in terms of running routes and techniques, etc., but those things can be taught easily. His raw, physical ability gives him the chance to be great. Word on his recruiting is that he wants to get out of the Los Angeles area. Schools in the Pacific Northwest like Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, Washington State, along with Colorado and Nebraska should all get looks, along with whoever else pops up.

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