November 8, 2006

Insider Report: No down time for Williams

Williams getting a workout (By Pat Flynn, The Osceola)

Roger Williams is one of seven defensive starters left from Florida State's decimated original two-deep depth chart. And with coaches still hoping to redshirt freshman Anthony Leon, Williams is the only player logging time at the free safety position -- something that he says has not beaten him down physically.

"It hasn't really been a big thing," Williams said. "Basically, it's
just about playing smart and not making dumb mistakes to make me get

Williams said his summer conditioning work is paying dividends now,
and he is ready to go every Saturday, on every play.

Last year, Williams shared time with Pat Watkins, who is now playing
for the Dallas Cowboys. He said the adjustment to playing the whole
game hasn't really bothered him.

"Any time you want a breather, you want somebody to come in," said
Williams "But the situation I'm in now I got to stay in there the
whole time, so basically I have to play injury free. So, I just have
to play smart, but still play Florida State defense."

Williams has been called on to be a leader in the young secondary this
season. With young guys like Jamie Robinson, Patrick Robinson, and
Myron Rolle on the field, sometimes at the same time, Williams is
relied on to help them in any way he can.

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