October 31, 2006

Prince pleased to have Nelson back

Ron Prince for the second time in three days discussed the Bill Snyder letter, but the first-year head coach at Kansas State addressed a variety of topics as the Wildcats approach lowly Colorado on Saturday with the chance to earn the program's first bowl berth in three seasons. Prince also discussed Colorado's offense, the status of wide receiver Jermaine Moreira, and how the return of Jordy Nelson might lift the team down the stretch.

Jordy Nelson came back and had a couple big catches for you. What does it mean to have him back?

It means quite a bit for us. A veteran performer who has been in games like this before, the leadership and all of those things mean so much to us and a very inspiring effort by Jordy on Saturday, just to have him back on the field was a big lift for the program.

Jordy takes part in so many special teams that his absence isn't only felt on offense, is it?

That's correct. We have many of our very best players not only expect but demand to be on special teams and really look forward to making an impact on the game and he's no different. When you're missing he or any of those other players it really affects a lot of different issues.

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