October 13, 2006

Eagle magic

So much for Virginia Tech's Thursday night's magic.

The final score was 22-3 - but a couple of mistakes on what should have been BC touchdown passes in the first half and who knows what the score would have been.

This was a beat-down, folks, the kind programs like Virginia Tech used to dole out to programs like BC.

And it's probably the biggest non-Notre Dame home win as Tom O'Brien has had in his 10 years.

Remember when BC couldn't beat a ranked team under O'Brien? That's changed - and Thursday night's game, played in a great atmosphere with the entire college football country watching (except some misguided souls who watched Clemson's 63-9 squeaker over Temple), was special.

Special because it brings BC, which got special fan support in this game, firmly back into the Top 25. Special because there are people who think the Eagles never win these types of games. Special because it means this team - this flawed team - has a real shot at Jacksonville.

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