October 10, 2006

Quick hitters for Michigan State

Jim Tressel met with the Columbus media this afternoon to discuss the upcoming game with the Spartans. The following are just a couple of quick hitters from the press conference.

Players of the week announced

Special Units: Andre Amos
Defense: Vernon Gholston
Offense: Troy Smith
Jim Parker Off. Lineman of week: Rory Nicol
Attack Force: Quinn Pitcock
Jack Tatum hit of the week: None
Scout team Special Units: Jon Thoma
Scout team Defense: Matt Daniels
Scout team Offense: Daniel Dye

Injury Report

"Probably won't have David Patterson this week. So Quinn, Joel Penton, Todd Denlinger and Doug Worthington moving in there a little bit will have to make up for the absence of David this weekend," Tressel said. "As of this day our trainers and doctors have said not this week."

Getting back into the Big Ten

"Turning our attention back to the Big Ten is an exciting thing because while we were playing on Saturday virtually the rest of the Big Ten was playing and moving toward the final outcome of the league standings and I know our guys are interested in getting back in the fray," Tressel said. "I think they've known all along that when you look at our Big Ten schedule that traveling over to East Lansing to play Michigan State was going to be a tremendous challenge. Just look at Ohio State, we've had some tremendous battles every time we've played Michigan State whether it's here or at Spartan Stadium and our guys are very aware of that."

Tressel breaks down Michigan State

"The one thing that is kind of the trademark of their football team in my mind is No. 5," Tressel said. "Drew Stanton is special. He is one of those guys that is tough, never stops playing, he is a kid that Troy Smith happened to room with at Elite 11 high school camp back when they were on their way into their senior year of high school and they have kept a strong relationship. I think they have done that because they are similar kind of people, they are great leaders, they're tough, they are working hard to become good at their trade. I think he typifies what Michigan State is all about."

On John L. Smith being on the rumored hot seat

"No one will ever convince me that John L. Smith is not a winner," Tressel said. "I feel for anyone that coaches in this league, it is a tough league. To compete week-to-week with high expectations. 11 teams have high expectations, maybe some teams have even higher. Not all 11 are going to meet those expectations so you certainly have great respect for anyone that does that particular job, especially anyone that has the success ratio that he has had."

Recollections of the 1998 game

"My only recollection of 98 was we played earlier in the day and we got to this little Italian place to have spaghetti and the MVR and turned the game on and got to see the last ten minutes or so and about had a heart attack. That was a tough one."

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