October 9, 2006

Prince looking ahead to Nebraska

Kansas State head coach Ron Prince on Monday lauded the efforts of true freshman quarterback Josh Freeman and true freshman running back Leon Patton, the Big 12 Conference Special Teams Player of the Week, as the Wildcats enter a key week of preparation before they face No. 21 Nebraska on Saturday at Bill Snyder Family Stadium.

What led to your decision to name Josh as your starting quarterback?

Well, there were a number of factors. The first one was offensively, we needed a little more consistency with points. We were getting yards but weren't able to sustain and finish drives. Part of that was to the credit of the last two defenses we had played. Louisville and Baylor have very good defenses and we knew we were going to continue to see those. We were seeing some one-on-one coverage and we weren't able to take advantage of our playmakers on the outside as much as we would have liked and we just felt like Josh gives us the best opportunity to put the ball in a variety of places on the field not only because of his size, but he's very healthy and doing a good job where Dylan Meier had been hit quite a bit and had been under a little bit of duress. We felt like giving a fresher body a chance to go in there was as much as a factor of protection to that point or any other factor to that point. We knew he'd go in and be able to have good vision on the field and have the kind of size and ability to put the ball anywhere on the field. That was demonstrated Saturday.

What did you think about his performance? It seemed like as the game went on he really improved.

Even from game to game we felt like there's been improvements. It's quite a bit for a young man to come in from high school and compete at this level. It was aided by the fact he enrolled in the spring semester. He's a very mature young man and has been very well coached and comes from a very poised and terrific family. The fact he had been putting in work for so long and due to our circumstances he was our No. 2 quarterback through spring and into camp so he had received quite a few reps on the plays and situations we wanted to be in. It was just a matter of him getting some time in the games. We wanted to make the game very boring and keep him available so that at the end of the game if he had a chance to make a play and win a game for us he could.

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