October 8, 2006

Grading the Tigers vs Texas Tech


Chase Daniel made one bad play all night. In his first Big 12 road game as a starter. That, folks, says it all. It has gotten to the point where you almost can't be nice to Daniel without sounding disrespectful of Brad Smith. That is not the point, though. The point is that Missouri has a quarterback who makes every single guy on the field a better player. The stats weren't mind-boggling, but Daniel did what he had to do to win this game. The touchdown drive after Tech got within 24-21 was a masterpiece.

Final Grade: A


Tony Temple, we would like to officially welcome you to the party of running backs that might be the second-best in the Big 12 behind Adrian Peterson. Temple ran tough, he ran smart, and he held on to the ball. He also scored his first two touchdowns of the season. And, not many may notice, but the kid is getting very, very good at picking up the blitz.

Final Grade: A

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