September 19, 2006

BC-BYU Hot 11

Well, it wasn't the prettiest of victories, but here's the bottom line...good teams find ways to win when they don't have their "A" game. That's exactly what Boston College did in their 30-23 win over BYU on Saturday.

Are there some concerns after the victory? Sure there are. At this point in time, it's impossible to know which version of Ryan Ohliger will appear when he lines up for a kick. I'm still scratching my head as to why Tom O'Brien elected to play for a field goal in overtime, when it was apparent that Ohliger had no control over where his kicks were going.

It's also painfully apparent that the Eagles really struggle on pass defense if the ball is not thrown at DeJuan Tribble. BYU quarterback John Beck absolutely toasted B.C. for 436 yards passing, and that yard total probably should've been more. There were a few occasions where Beck flat out missed open receivers.

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