September 13, 2006

Conservative defense

One has to look at Frank Spaziani's game plans and go mad. There is no other option. But they work. Last Saturday night was saw a Spaziani masterpiece. Was the defense great? Not by any stretch but it executed Coach Spaz's gameplan to a tee.

What is his gameplan? Simple. Keep everything in front of you, force a short field and make them make mistakes. His theory is that the offense has the ball and has a much higher chance of making a mistake than the defense does. It worked perfectly. When CU scored, they scored quickly but when they were on the field a long time, they made mistakes as we witnessed by the fumbled on the 5 yard line.

However, while the game-plan "worked", the defense was still prone to giving up big plays and committing costly penalties at critical times so let's take a look at each position.

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