September 3, 2006

Q&A with Joe Cox

Redshirt freshman Joe Cox made his first regular season appearance in Sanford Stadium against Western Kentucky. Cox was threw two completions on three attempts for 29 yards and one interception. Cox played two series in the second and third quarters and in his first series, he led the team 46 yards on seven plays for a Thomas Brown rushing touchdown. UGASports caught up with Cox to ask him about his first game and the quarterback situation.

UGASports: What was your experience in your first regular season game in Sanford Stadium?

Cox: "I was really excited and I knew this was my time to finally step out on the field and see what I could do. I had a really nice first drive, we went right down the field and I made a couple of nice throws and I was smart with the ball and we scored. It was a great feeling to get in and get my feet wet. It was a first for me, so I hope to build on that and be smarter in the future and keep growing as a player and maybe more opportunities will come, but we will have to see what happens."

UGASports: What happened on the interception?

Cox: "We had been talking in the film room all week about how when they are playing a cover four I can throw the post deep. I thought it was cover four at the snap of the ball and I took my shot and it was not cover four. I threw him a high angle post and he broke it off flatter than I expected, so he had to adjust to get to the ball and the corner was already breaking on it. It was a bad play and a bust, but I took a chance and I probably could have thrown it away or ran, but I was thinking something totally different. That was my only bad play of the game that I would take back. It ended up not being that bad and being like a long punt on first down. I am not happy about it or trying to shrug it off, but it is not something I am going to loose sleep over."

UGASports: How would you grade your performance today?

Cox: "I would probably say about a B. I knew that I had a good first drive, so I tried to take that one chance where I should have probably done something different. I felt like I was confident every time I was in and I do not have any regrets about any of the throws I made or how I handled myself on the field. I think the players responded to me well and I think I had a decent day."

UGASports: Do you expect to play some next week in Columbia?

Cox: "Who knows how this whole thing is shaping up and they did not tell us what was going on till today, so I would say maybe. It depends on certain circumstances, but you never know."

UGASports: How do you think Matthew Stafford looked in the game?

Cox: "He looked good and made some good decisions and he showed off that he has a gun. He can move for how tall and big he is and he is going to do really good things here. I think he had a great day and I know the fans were really excited to see him. Everybody loves Matt Stafford, so we were kicking him a lot of crap on the sideline when he came off the field. We were like 'oh, now people chant your name everywhere.' We were just trying to give him a hard time. I was happy for him and for Joe and I think we all played pretty well, but we all have things we need to work on before we go to Columbia."

UGASports: Do you think Matt will give you a little push for the number two spot now?

Cox: "I think he always has. He has this summer and he has been pushing all of us the whole way, so I am sure I am not the only one feeling the heat."

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