September 1, 2006

Jensen leads LBs

If your coach trusts you enough to throw out the scheme that he has developed for most of his career, you'd best deliver. That's the situation for BYU's linebackers this season whom Coach Bronco Mendenhall acknowledged as the deepest, most talented, and most experienced unit on the defensive squad this year. With acknowledgement came revision and Mendenhall made the linebacker corps the heart of this year's defensive strategy.

Until this year, Mendenhall has employed three linebackers on the field at a time. In his usual scheme, linebackers are commonly assigned gaps to cover in the offensive line. The linebacker's priorities were first, gap coverage assignments, then pursuit, with some measure of blitzing and unpredictability included. While the linebacker's role was significant, the defense generally relied on the ability of safeties to make big plays.

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