August 30, 2006

Signee Hotseat: Derek Burton

Editor's note - All of the Hotseat interviews were conducted in the spring or summer before the signees reported.

Name:Derek Burton

Other schools offering scholarships: Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas Tech, and Tulsa


1. Who is your favorite football player of all-time?

Man, I'll have to pick somebody. Oh, ok, I'll give you one. Dwight Freeney for the Colts.

2. Why?

I just like the way he plays. He's not one of those big, tall defensive ends that many think you have to be in order to play in the league. He's not but 6-foot-2 or 6-foot-3 and he's still one of the best defensive ends in the league.

3. What is the best football team you've ever seen?

I'll have to say my high school team last year. That was one of the best teams that I had seen since I played with them.

4. What position will you be playing at Oklahoma State?

As far as I know right now, defensive end, but I could get moved down to defensive tackle.

5. What will you bring to Oklahoma State as far as a strong point?

Hmmm, maybe determination. I won't quit, they'll have to make me quit. I'd say probably just determination and I'm smart. I can catch on quick.

6. What is the one thing you need to work on to play at the next level?

Strength, I definitely have to get stronger.

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