August 24, 2006

Better late than never for Chavis

College teams are littered with players who were recruited since they were freshmen in high school. Coaches pore over hour after hour of film hoping to identify the next big star.

The work of a college recruiter is absolutely never done and it is that work that leads to the vast majority of Division I players. And then, there is a rarity like Missouri defensive end Tommy Chavis.

Missouri assistant coaches Matt Eberflus and Craig Kuligowski were watching tape trying to identify prospects for the Class of 2007 last winter.

Eberflus found two defensive ends on the Kilgore Junior College reel that he really liked. He called Kilgore coach Jimmy Rieves to extend offers to both players.

"What ended up happening was I got a call from Tommy and he called me and I couldn't return the call," Eberflus said. "So he ended up corresponding through the coach with me and the coach told me this, he said, 'I don't know if you know, but he's a four for three guy,' meaning that he's a freshman, he could leave (junior college)."

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