August 22, 2006

Tuesday's top Tigers

Missouri has been in camp for two weeks. The Tigers have had two scrimmages and shuffled the depth chart a couple of times. Each Tuesday from now until the end of the season, will present its top Tigers. One week has no bearing on the next. This is simply a representation of the 11 players who, in our estimation, had the best week. Here is our initial ranking:

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Tuesday's Top Tigers
1 Chase Daniel, QB Whatever your expectation was for Daniel, it wasn't this good. In two scrimmages, Daniel has gone a combined 31-for-40 for 372 yards and three touchdowns. That's not a bad day's work. He entered camp as the likely starter. Now, there is simply no doubt. N/A
2 William Franklin, WR It was assumed that one of the tight ends would be Daniel's go-to receiver, and one of them probably will when push comes to shove. But in camp, it's been Franklin that has been the star. In addition, he's made a couple of big downfield blocks to spring his teammates. He's looking like the player every had hoped when he came out of Vashon. N/A
3 Brian Smith, DE Unblockable is just about the only way to describe Smith at times in this camp. He has flat out lived in the Missouri offensive backfield. Smith is going to set the Missouri sack record way, way out there. N/A