August 16, 2006

Perry making a big impression

On his way to eat lunch at Missouri's training table on Tuesday afternoon, freshman receiver Jared Perry stopped to talk to reporters. He didn't stay long.

To say Perry is quiet would be something far beyond an understatement. He makes a three-word answer look like a multi-page essay on a college final. Instead, yes and no pretty much serve as his entire response to questions. But shyness, or silence, isn't the only thing that gets Perry on the move to lunch.

"They're telling me to eat everything up there," Perry said. "Just keep eating, keep eating."

Perry is as skinny as he is quiet. At an even six feet, Perry weighed in on Tuesday morning at 160 pounds. Even more amazing, he has 3.3% body fat. Yes, 3.3%. But it's not like size has held the freshman from LaMarque, Texas back in his first ten days in college. When Mizzou released its revised depth chart after the first fall scrimmage, Perry was listed second at one wide receiver spot behind William Franklin.

"He's big enough," said head coach Gary Pinkel.

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