July 29, 2006

Top ten Tigers

Prior to each season, PowerMizzou.com has compiled its list of the ten most important Tigers during the course of the season to follow. For the first time since we started the list, we promise number one will not be Brad Smith.

10. Brian Smith: Missouri has to be able to pressure the quarterback with out blitzing too much. Smith is the most likely Missouri player to be able to do that, already holding the single season sack record. If Smith can hit double digits, the Tigers are going to be very, very pleased with the results.

9. Chase Coffman: Too low? Well, he's technically the only backup even on the list. The expectations are sky high for Coffman. If he can even come close to reaching them, and give Missouri two big-time threats at tight end, they'll be tough to stop.

8. Adam Spieker: The offensive line needs a leader. Tony Palmer was a great one. Can Spieker be as good?

7. Adam Crossett: He was so good at times it was easy to forget how bad he was at others. The Tigers simply need consistency. He doesn't have to make every 50-yarder, but he can't miss any more extra points.

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