July 26, 2006

WVU football training camp, recruiting notes

MORGANTOWN--Several WVU football veterans met with the media recently, and here are some nuggets.


BEST QUOTE--"Other than West Virginia, it's West Virginia": Keilen Dykes when asked about the second best team in the Big East.

"Every defensive lineman thinks about sacks, they say they don't but they do," said Dykes. I had five sacks last year, and I can tell you about every one of them and who it was against--East Carolina, Rutgers, Connecticut and . . . (big smile) . . ."Marcus Vick at Virginia Tech was one."

Dykes and junior Pat Liebig are the two strongest defensive linemen on the team. Keilen has also cut his 40 time into the 4.9 range. He is a junior.


ONE AREA of weight training that gets little play is what Mike Barwis calls the "Bosu" ball. It is an expanded medicine ball that the S&C coach uses to gauge core (midsection) strength. He introduced it three years ago when few Mountaineer athletes could sit on before immediately sliding off.

Senior OLB Kevin McLee: "I sit on it now and do sit up and leg raise reps. I can kneel on it for 30 second reps at a time." (Don't try this at home).

One of the winter Night of Champions events is the 2-man sled relay. Two players pull a regular 2-man blocking sled in a race. This year's championship team--MLB Jay Henry and FS Quinton Andrews.

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