July 25, 2006

Mack: 'We're excited about where we're starting'

Opening statement from Texas head coach Mack Brown at Big 12 Media Days in Kansas City.

We're all excited about getting back to work and getting started. It's been a tremendous off-season for us. Our players have embraced and enjoyed the National Championship, as well as our staff. The state of Texas has been great. It's been fun to be around them. And now all of that is gone and we're four weeks from starting over and we have some unknowns and some question marks as you usually do in preseason, and the guys are really, really excited about opening practice on August the 7th.

Q. Coach, I guess one thing that you worry about as a coach, will the hangover of a National Championship be a problem, the fact that is it Oklahoma, is it Texas, the Big 12 South? Is that a reality check for the players like it's over, last year is last year and this year is this year?

Dave, we also talked about that a lot. And we talked to a lot of different coaches that have won the National Championship and said help us with what happens after this, what did you do, what did you like and what would you do differently? And we decided to enjoy it and make sure that we did appreciate how hard we worked and what the team accomplished. And at the same time go back to work because we're the defending National Champs with a 20-game winning streak. After Vince left, it changed our position nationally because if he had returned, people would have thought that we would have had a great chance to repeat and now we're not even picked to win our division.

But if you also look at the southern division in the Big 12, there's two National Championships that have come out of that division over the last six years. So we have a very, very difficult league and everybody is getting better. So we're excited about where we're starting. We have 16 returning starters coming back. But a lot of work to do. And after watching our guys in the spring and hearing the guys talk last night, there's been absolutely no complacency as they get ready to start the season.

Q. Can you comment on Taylor's transfer (inaudible) today?

Yes, Ramonce has decided to transfer, and we first want to thank him for all he's done at The University of Texas and wish him good luck.

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