July 24, 2006

The Snyder Interview

Many "experts" aren't projecting big things from the Kansas State football program in 2006, but there's one man more qualified to call himself an expert on the subject than virtually anyone else. Bill Snyder may no longer be the coach of the Wildcats, but he still has plenty of interest in the program he built and expects his former players to battle for a North Division title in 2006.

What follows is a portion of the interview Snyder gave for Powercat Illustrated's Wildcats 2006, an information-packed 88-page preview of the upcoming football season.

Matt Hall: There's a perception at least that since he's come on there have been major changes in scheduling, recruiting and dealing with the media. Do you see the changes as drastic from where you sit?

Bill Snyder: "I think it kinds of depends on which area you look at. The important thing is that Ron (Prince) has a system he's accustomed to, has been around and been involved with. It's in place for him, and to come into a program and have to be ruled by another system would be entirely unfair to him and his staff. It was important for them to be able to do things the way they do them.

"There is more than one system across the country. There are tons of systems. They work for those people who believe in them. Our system worked for us, and his system will work for them as well. How drastic are the changes? I don't see a great difference. We're probably a little bit more alike than we are different, but the important thing is that whatever the program does now is whatever their system has in place for them to do. I don't think anybody could be successful attempting to do something they aren't accustomed to or operating a system that isn't theirs."

MH: I'd be curious to hear what your thoughts on the Big 12 North are. Every schools seems to have momentum in some form heading into the season. Do you think the gap between the North and South could close a bit this year?

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