July 5, 2006

Garth's world open to Northwest

With offers pouring in and a phone that rings off the hook, it seems like the only way you can stop Nate Garth is to lock the doors to the school and deflate all the basketballs. That might stop him, for a few minutes, at any rate.

"He's a gym rat; he'll call me and say: 'coach, can you open the gym," said Capital Christian Coach Bill Nelson.

While occasionally needing assistance to get into the gym, the doors of universities across the country are swinging wide open to Garth whose sense of vision and appetite for strategy make him not only an effective player but a coach in high-tops. "Nate is a unique kind of guard; he can run the point, make the good pass and also score," said Nelson, noting that Garth's smarts translate into leadership and great classroom ability. "He's a great student, never below a 3.2 and a student of the game he's someone Lorenzo (Coach Romar) would definitely trust on the floor. Nate sees the play before it develops, he'll look over to me, and I'll ask what he wants to run, but I also trust him and ask him what he sees, he'll bring mismatches to your attention."

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