April 16, 2006

All business

Allan Evridge isn't afraid to admit it: He's Mr. Politically Correct. Depending upon the inquiry, you might not get a lot out of him. That's OK. Kansas State first-year coach Ron Prince has seemingly gotten plenty out of the sophomore quarterback. Evridge could help decide the starting job in the annual Purple & White Spring game Saturday. Evridge talked to GoPowercat.com's D. Scott Fritchen about a variety of topics.

D. Scott Fritchen: Let's say you're going in for a job interview with Ron Prince right now. What would you say on your behalf to argue you deserve to be the starter?

Allan Evridge: That's a tough one. I don't like to talk about myself. Just that if you handle things right and do what's supposed to be done things will fall into place for yourself. As far as myself, I try to be studious and work hard and just try to do things right. In the end if he thinks I'm the one for the job, I'll be the one for the job. How's that for a great no answer?

DSF: What do you like most about the wide receivers as opposed to last season?

AE: They're coming along. It's another year. Just take Jordy (Nelson), for example. He had just started a year ago, so this is a whole another year at the position. Every day these guys are working hard and just maturing. They're really turning into some tremendous players. They were already amazing to begin with and now they're just escalating their game. They're blocking well and just seem to be doing everything right. They're slowly, slowly getting better and better. You didn't know they could, but they are. They're amazing.

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