April 12, 2006

Cox not dwelling on the past

A North Carolina state record of 66 touchdown passes as a senior at Independence High in Charlotte, but four interceptions on G-Day. My, what a difference between high school football and playing in the Southeastern Conference, but for redshirt freshman Joe Cox, those 66 touchdowns or four interceptions mean nothing as he is only looking towards the future and not dwelling in the past.

"I just need to shake plays off," he said following the game last Saturday in Athens. "I have always tried to have a short memory when it comes to plays like that. Today it was a big day with G-Day and I was pressuring too hard and worrying about the play before it, and as a quarterback you just can not do that."

While he finished the day with a respectable 12 of 21 for 162 yards, he knows it is going to be tough getting the memory of overall lack of offensive production off of his mind.

"It is all we have to think about now, how we finished up spring ball," he said. "We did not do it on a good note, and I know that we have a lot of things to work on as an offense, but I think that we will get them all ironed out before the season."

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