April 6, 2006

UA showing improvement in spring practices

Arizona Football is now through with its sixth practice and the entire team seems to really be picking up more of the offense. More than anything the spring is a time to get down plays and sets and everyone on the team seems to have the attitude willing and wanting to be coached.

In the first few sets of practices, Arizona was working on the basics and everyone was going through the developmental stage. Now the Wildcats are getting to the meat of the offense and working on some new stuff. It is a time when the most mistakes are made, but also where the most learning occurs and everyone is really taking to the coaching.

The offense as a whole is looking really good on the field and the offensive line is playing well together. The depth on the line is one of the big reasons for the drastic improvement in play especially as spring continues. No one seems to be able to take a play off because there is always someone waiting and working hard to hop in.

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