August 13, 2013

Allen sees more of Iowa

Waukee linebacker A.J. Allen has been a frequent visitor to Iowa City over the last couple years. This senior made another trip to visit the Hawkeyes on Sunday and learned even more about what they do defensively. We caught up with him for a complete update.

Q: How was the Iowa visit?

ALLEN: It was a good time. It was a small group of us so we got more attention. We just saw what a day at Iowa would be like. The coaches talked to us and we went to position meetings. We watched their practice and overall it was a good time.

Q: Was there something that you enjoyed the most during the trip?

ALLEN: It was just the coaches talking to us and showing us more attention. It was a smaller group of guys so they could focus more on us. That was a good time overall.

Q: You've been to Iowa frequently for visits but do you feel you learned anything?

ALLEN: Obviously in football speak, I learned a little bit from their defense. I learned the plays that they run and got to see how they make reads. It showed me how college players are different than high school players.

Q: Did they let you know where you sit with them as far as recruiting goes?

ALLEN: They didn't say anything special about it. As the year goes on, I hope to get more specific. I am going to let my year play out and I'll end up being where I'm supposed to be.

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