April 17, 2013

Marcus Smart announces he will return to OSU for his sophomore season

Marcus Smart sat alongside teammates Markel Brown and Le'Bryan Nash, and told the Oklahoma State student body, to each and every one of their faces, that he'd be returning back next season for unifinished business.

Big 12 Player of the Year, National Freshman of the Year, AP All-American, third-place finisher, first-round exiter.

The last parts are what stuck with him during the last 27 days-The amount of time between his announcement and his team's first round exit in the NCAA Tournament after being handily beaten by the Oregon Ducks.

But Smart, along with Brown and Nash, are back.

"A lot of people bashed this decision," Smart said. "I feel like I made the right one."

The Holy Triumvirate has unfinished business before they make millions of dollars by simply playing the game they love.

The decision is bigger than basketball. Gallagher-Iba will be full throughout the season next year, as the buzz around this hoops team already outweighs the hype surrounding the football team, something that hasn't happened around here in almost ten years.

The program will be rebranded with the tradition that fills the rafters and the Heritage Hall Sports Museum, and Oklahoma State will be seen on every edition of Sportscenter during the season whether it be a Brown dunk, a Nash drive, or a Smart steal. This solidifies the Cowboys as a top-ten team next year, and the preseason Big 12 Champions.

But what's it mean for the team? Here's a run through of what you can expect.

Point: Smart (Big 12 POY, AP All-American)
Two: Brown (Big 12 2nd team, second leading scorer)
Three: Brian Williams
Four: Nash (Big 12 3rd team, 2012 Freshman of the Year)
Five: Michael Cobbins (Big 12 Honorable Mention, All-Defensive team)

[i]Sixth Man:[/i] Phil Forte or Stevie Clark (2013 Oklahoma Player of the Year)
First Front Court sub: Kamari Murphy, Gary Gaskins
Deep Bench: Detrick Mostella, Kirby Gardner, Marek Soucek

The boys are back in town for one more go-round, so soak it in while you can Cowboy fans. This team will already be among the top teams in the nation when the season rolls around.

"I feel like I made the right decision," Smart said. "Go Pokes."

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