September 6, 2011

He said. She said. Worst Loss Ever?


.She said::...



Heading into this game I was excited to see the offensive fire power at wide receiver spotlighted.  Against an FCS opponent, I figured this would be a good warm-up game for the offensive line and a chance to see the talented (albeit young) stable of receivers shine. 

While I honestly wasn't expecting some lopsided shutout, I didn't expect to see what we saw.

As Coach Riley and others have already hashed and re-hashed, the first half was an offensive disaster for the Beavers.  No rhythm, no energy and the team just couldn't get anything going.

The second half showed some life as the offensive line settled down and started opening up holes for the running game.  Malcolm Agnew is a celebrity already in Corvallis after his 223 yard, two touchdown day.  We also saw a 'running back by committee' approach which I honestly didn't think we'd see knowing Riley's track record.

Redshirt freshman Sean Mannion came in and had a great showing as well.  While we had heard that he would be playing Saturday, I'm not sure why the coaching staff was so secretive about it.

Personally, I'm not a fan of the quarterback shuffle that we've seen in the past.  Pick your guy in Fall Camp and build his confidence heading into the season.  If there is one position on the team that doesn't need to be constantly looking over their shoulder, it is the QB.

We saw the back and forth between Sean Canfield and Lyle Moevao and I don't think it made them better QB's for the Beavers.  Competition is great between players, but at some point the coach needs to make the call and have full faith in that player.

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