August 16, 2011

Practice Rewind: Day 8

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Mike Philipp--OL

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Another perfect day for Beaver football as the team took to the Reser turf for their Tuesday practice. The story of the day, unfortunately, was the list of players not participating. Cam Collins, Brian Watkins, Darrell Catchings, Blake Harrah, Brandon Hardin, Rashaad Reynolds, Sean Martin and Geoff Garner were all held out for what I could gather were bumps and bruises.

If that wasn't bad enough, senior Kevin Frahm was being tended to by trainer Ariko Iso and didn't participate in the 2nd half of practice. More information on Frahm as it becomes available.

In terms of practice, it was up-tempo from the get go and the guys put in good work this afternoon. Watching punter Keith Kostol I noticed that he has a pretty good leg. If Hekker were to somehow get injured Kostol isn't a bad #2. Something that is beginning to be a concern is the accuracy beyond 35 from kickers Trevor Romaine and Max Johnson. Hopefully the two can find some consistency and be a reliable scoring opportunity when inside the 30.

The team began the meaty portion of practice in a glorified scrimmage situation (not live) as they moved up and down the field with a sense of urgency. Execution wasn't bad, but is still a work in progress. What stood out was the pace and how the players reacted to it.

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