July 11, 2011

Brandon Green Q&A

Alabama commitment Brandon Greene is happy the recruiting process is over and looking forward to getting back to Tuscaloosa. TideSports.com caught up with the Ga. offensive lineman to get to know him a little better.

Q: What are the best and worst parts of the recruiting process?
A: The best part of the recruiting process is the beginning part, because you are new and you are happy when you get those first couple letters. When you start getting up to your hundreds and even thousands of letters, then it gets kind of aggravating. The worst part would have to be when they show up at your school unannounced and you really don't want to go to that school. They show up anyway, and my coach makes me come down because he said every school deserves a shot. Since I committed, I don't have to go down and talk anymore, I can just get back to what I was doing.

Q: What is the craziest thing a coach has ever said to you on a recruiting visit?
A: One coach came up behind me and told me I had nice shoulders, and it was weird. It was a man; you don't tell another man he has nice shoulders. It was a coach from Notre Dame, it was kind of weird.

Q: How did you decide on Alabama?
A: The big thing for me was I had already been to Alabama a couple of times and loved it. I was like, when I come back I'm going to bring my mom, and Coach (Nick) Saban was like please do that. I told him, if you win my mom over, you got me. When I got down there, my mom loved it. They treated her like a queen, and she loved every bit of it. I asked Coach Saban, how would I go about committing? He said, you know if you commit to me, it means you are coming here. I told him 'yes sir, I'm ready,' and I committed from there.

Q: Do you have any friends on the team?
A: I don't have any friends that are currently UA players. I wish I did though. When I went down there, I met a couple of people; I don't remember any names though because I was in and out.

Q: Do you focus on recruiting other players now that you are committed?
A: I'm just trying to focus on my season. I feel like, if a recruit is going to come, he's going to come. I know I might have a little influence on him, but in the end run, when it is all said and done, it is his choice. I just figure, I can focus on my game and getting good at my game, and he can make his decision.

Q: Where is your favorite place to visit in Alabama?
A: I like to go to the rib shack up the street when you get there, and I also like going to the McDonald's.

Q : What is your favorite sports quote?
A: My favorite is one by Babe Ruth. It says the way a team plays as a whole determines its success. It just makes sense. The way a team plays, that's how you know everything about that team, how close they are, the chemistry of the team, that's how you know how hard they have been working. It fits on my team, so I always try to keep that quote around.

Q: What is your guilty pleasure music-wise?
A: It would have to be that new Adele song, "Rolling in the Deep." I can't let my boys know I listen to it, but I have to listen to it.

Q: If you could go to any country, what country would it be?
A: It would be Kenya, because I saw something on the internet yesterday, and I want to know if it is really true.

Q: What did you see?
A: I saw they set some people on fire for stealing a sack of potatoes. It looked kind of strange, and I wanted to go see if they really do that kind of stuff. It was crazy.

Q: If you could posses a super power, what would it be?
A: I want the human torch power. I would like to be on fire all the time.

Q: You're really into this fire thing huh?
A: Yeah I guess so (laughs)

Q: What is your favorite childhood cartoon?
A: I got so many. The Powerpuff Girls, it would have to be The Powerpuff Girls. I used to be with my older cousins, and that's what they watched. I used to always want to be like my older cousins and they had it on all the time. I just liked it because they were always kicking butt.

Q: Do you have a hidden talent that no one knows about?
A: I can sing, I can just sing. I just woke up one day and started singing, and everybody was like, hey you can sing.

Q: Favorite food?
A: I like tacos and macaroni and cheese, but it would have to be tacos though.

Q: Favorite color?
A: My favorite color is red.

Q: Mac or PC?
A: I have a PC

Q: Favorite car?
A: It would have to be a Lamborghini. I like that the back sits up and the front lays low, I like that. I wouldn't be able to fit in one though, I tried to get in one one time, and I couldn't fit.

Q: What do you plan to do for the rest of the summer?
A: I'm going to lift and run and try to control my eating right now. I'm going to be in Bama next week. I'm just excited to see everyone again.

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