May 19, 2011

Lowdermilk working on speed

While some incoming freshmen wonder what playing in the Big Ten might be like, John Lowdermilk simply has to go ask his dad. The future Hawkeye is the son of former Buckeye and NFL player Kirk Lowdermilk and he has leaned on his father for advice. He's also been working hard on his training, including trying to improve his speed and quickness as he moves to safety this fall.

Q: What has spring been like for you? Did you do any other sports?

LOWDERMILK: No, I've just been doing the workouts that Iowa sent to me. That's pretty much it, strength and conditioning.

Q: Are these workouts a lot different from what you had been doing and how have they helped you?

LOWDERMILK: My high school coach was pretty good at getting us ready in the weight room. There are quite a few similarities, but also quite a few different things, which is good.

Q: You made the trip to Iowa for the spring game. What was that like for you? Did you get a chance to build some relationships with the other guys coming in with you?

LOWDERMILK: It was cold. (laugh) I'm really glad that I made the trip and had the chance to meet some of the other players. In a setting like that, you really don't get to know another person very well, but I'm glad I got to introduce myself to the other guys coming in.

Q: What has your contact been like with the coaches since signing day?

LOWDERMILK: I've talked to them a couple of times. I am going out there on July 11th and staying for a couple of weeks before the start of camp in early August. Right now they have me playing strong safety and that is where we are going.

Q: Are you coming in with the expectations of playing this year and have the coaches indicated anything in that regard?

LOWDERMILK: They really haven't said anything about it. My goal is to make the travel squad. If I do that, I will be extremely happy.

Q: If you do that, it means you are probably playing.

LOWDERMILK: I know. (laugh) That would be nice. I am just going to go out there, work hard, and do my best. Hopefully I can play, but we will see what happens.

Q: What has your father told you about playing Big Ten football and what you should expect?

LOWDERMILK: He said it is really tough. Football is probably the most physical sport and time consuming sport because of the preparation that is involved. He talked to me about balancing that with my school work. He said you have to stay balanced and your priorities should be football and being a student.

Q: With your training, have you been working on speed drills since you will be starting out at safety?

LOWDERMILK: Yeah. They just sent me a speed book last week and it has a bunch of different speed drills. I just started that on Monday and it's tough. I've been running drills, lifting, and trying to get my speed up to where it needs to be.

Q: When is graduation and what are your plans for June?

LOWDERMILK: Our actual graduation is next Friday. We are done with school this week. I am playing in the Big 33 game on June 18th. Other than that, I will be working with my dad on strength and conditioning drills.

Q: Does it help you that you have a father who has played at this level of football and in the NFL in terms of training?

LOWDERMILK: It helps because he knows what to expect and what it takes to be successful at this level. He can tell me how it will be and that helps me prepare mentally, which is nice. I am still the one that has to go out on do it.

Q: Did you ever take some time to reflect back on the whole recruiting process? For you, everything really happened kind of late in the process when you picked up the offer from Iowa. Did it take a while to sink in?

LOWDERMILK: It really did. I reflected a bit on it. I think it was two days before signing day when Coach Ferentz called and asked me if I wanted to be a Hawkeye. I accepted right away. It was kind of crazy because I was planning on going to a MAC school and then Coach Ferentz called and offered me a scholarship. It didn't really sink in for a couple of weeks that this was real.

Q: How have the people back home in Ohio been to you?

LOWDERMILK: (laugh) They have been good. Some of them say that they will be cheering for me every game except for when we play Ohio State. A bunch of my close friends have actually become Iowa fans. They have said, I'm cheering for the Hawkeyes even when the play the Buckeyes. Everyone is happy for me, but some have said that they will still cheer for the Buckeyes.

Q: Has your dad changed over to a Hawkeye now?

LOWDERMILK: Oh yeah. He wears his Iowa hat all the time. He is very excited and definitely 100% Hawkeye now, which is good.

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