February 1, 2011

Campbell talks signing day

Torrey Campbell was one of the early commits to the Class of 2011. The Naples, FL native turned down at least 14 other scholarship offers and verbally committed to the Hawkeyes in early August. Since that time, the future cornerback has seen his relationship with the Iowa coaches continue to grow. He talks about that relationship, Coach Ferentz in-home visit, running track, plus much more.

Q: What are your plans for signing day?

CAMPBELL: I sign before 2:30. It will be in the morning with my coach. I'm going to have a signing day ceremony in the auditorium at 2:30 and I am going to have that live on line via my twitter, which will have a link to ustream.com. I will have that linked up on my twitter account.

Q: So fans can check your twitter account and Iowa fans can watch your ceremony?

CAMPBELL: Yep, I will be posting a link before it gets started and they can watch it there.

Q: Do you have your attire all picked out for signing day? Some Hawkeye gear?

CAMPBELL: My hat actually just came in today. It looks pretty good. (laugh)

Q: What has this been like for you after committing early and what has the relationship been like with the coaches since you committed?

CAMPBELL: The relationship with the coaches has actually gotten even stronger since I committed. You think that maybe they won't call you as much, but it has been the opposite. I think I have talked to them even more since I committed. They have been down here countless times. Coach K has been here a lot to check in with me.

Q: What was the in-home visit like when Coach Ferentz came to visit you?

CAMPBELL: It was really good. I was a little nervous because what do you say? What were we going to talk about? I didn't have school that day, so they came to my house and I had my coaches come over too so it was more relaxed. We sat down and had dinner and it was a great visit.

Q: What did you feed him on the visit?

CAMPBELL: We had ribs. My dad can cook some really good ribs. He really liked it. They had suits on, so they had to take off their jackets when we ate. (laugh) It was a really good visit.

Q: You have built a good relationship with some of the other recruits in this class on twitter and facebook. What has that been like for you?

CAMPBELL: I talk to my coach about that all the time and he said we are really lucky because when he went to school he didn't know anyone. You get a feeling about where you are going and who you are going with. I think it has really helped me feel even more comfortable with my choice because I am coming all the way from Florida and it is far from home.

Q: You have become friends with Marcus Grant and you guys are going to be going up against each other in practice. Will there be some trash talking between you?

CAMPBELL: (laugh) You never know. It's fun.

Q: Iowa has some defensive backs coming in with you in Nico Law and Jordan Lomax committed today. Have you gotten in touch with them too?

CAMPBELL: I talk to Nico a lot on twitter and we text. I talk to Marcus a lot too. I haven't had a chance to talk to the new guy yet, but I am sure that I will soon.

Q: Are you running track this spring?

CAMPBELL: I am already training for track. At the end of February I am running in an event put on by one of the shoe companies. It is for the top ten guys in the entire country in the event. I made the top ten in the country and they are flying me out to the event in Seattle. I am really excited about the event on February 27th. I have been training hard.

Q: What race will you be running?

CAMPBELL: I am running the hurdles, 60 meters. I have never ran it before, so I don't know what sort of a time I will run. I am also running the 60 meter open. It will be indoors, so it is a lot different.

Q: With everything that has gone on at Iowa in the last week or so, did any schools approach you late to try to get you to change your mind?

CAMPBELL: No school really came at me, but just people in general were asking questions. I wasn't really worried about it because once I decided on Iowa that was it for me. I never heard from another school because my high school coach handled it and he said that if I am committed, then I am committed. That's it. No de-committing. I am glad for that because this is a perfect situation for me.

Q: Did the Iowa coaches contact you in the last week to talk about what was going on and give you assurances about the situation in Iowa City?

CAMPBELL: Yes they did. I have talked to them a lot. It wasn't as much of a reassurance, but they let me know what was going on. They were completely honest with me. With football at that level and the media, I know how that goes. I understand how the media twists things around and honestly early on no one really knew what was going on, so how could the media know what was really going on? I know they have job to do and that they have to write a story, but they really didn't know what was going on.

Q: What kind of a player are the Hawkeyes getting in Torrey Campbell?

CAMPBELL: They are getting a hard working person. I don't give up. I am passionate and love the game and the team aspect of it.

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