August 30, 2010

Plummer still high on Huskies

UConn was the first school to extend a scholarship offer to Orange Park, Florida linebacker Terrance Plummer, and since that time the coaching staff has made it clear he is one of their top recruiting priorities in the Class of 2011. So far their persistence appears to be paying off, as Plummer is as high on the Huskies as he has ever been.

At 6-foot-1 and 220-pounds now, Plummer has all the tools to make an early impact at a BCS school wherever he ends up. He has the ability to play inside or outside linebacker, and going into college that will give him a nice leg up on some other young talents.

"Everybody's recruiting me for linebacker," he said. "But some [schools] like me for inside linebacker and some like me for outside linebacker. At our [high] school we basically run a 3-3 Stack [defense]. We have our safeties down on the side of us [linebackers] and it's basically a 3-5. I could play outside linebacker because that's the way we do it in high school, or I could play inside linebacker, too."

While UConn is further from his home than any of the other major contenders involved in his recruitment, that might not be a huge factor for him in the end.

"It's not as much of a factor for a school like UConn because they're such a good team," Plummer explained. "Even though Connecticut is really far away they could make it feel like home if the coaches treat me like they do at [his] high school. Some people do better when they're further away from home. I've never been that far from home or away from home for a long time, though, so it's something I'd have to consider."

If location does turn out to be a huge factor then the obvious beneficiary could be USF, another Big East school. NC State, West Virginia and some of the other programs recruiting him are also a long trek from home.

While distance is something that, at best, won't be working against the Huskies, UConn does have plenty of things working for them.

"They were the first team to offer me and coach [Lyndon] Johnson came down from up there at UConn to stop by and watch my spring game. He's talked to me and told me I'm one of their top recruits on their board. They would really like me to come there. They've pretty much solidified themselves as one of my favorites right now."

That sounds very good for UConn. The Huskies have eight verbal commitments from the Class of 2011 but none of those prospects are being brought in primarily as linebackers.

Plummer will probably make it to the school for an official visit because he feels like he owes it to himself at this point to check them out.

"I've thought about my official visits and I'll probably take one to UConn because that's the furthest [school] away and the first team to offer me, plus I really like them," he explained. "I haven't really thought about the rest. I'll probably go to South Florida but I haven't thought about the others much. I will soon."

Coaches have still been sending mail to Plummer but lately contact between players and coaches has been greatly restricted by NCAA regulations. Some of those restrictions will be lifted in September, and things will probably start to progress more rapidly when that happens.

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