August 13, 2010

Oglesby visits Iowa City

Josh Oglesby is pretty familiar with the Iowa campus, but he got an even better look today as he and his high school coach stopped by to learn more about the strength and conditioning program for basketball. He also got a tour of the locker rooms at Kinnick Stadium and even took a look at the legendary pink locker room for visiting teams. In this Q & A, Oglesby talks in-depth about his visit, his schedule of official visits, and when he might be making a decision this fall.

Q: What was the visit to Iowa City like today?

OGLESBY: It was good. We went down there to get a weight program from Iowa. We already have one from Minnesota. My high school coach is going to compare them and put something together for me from both of them to help me prepare for college. Then I went to Kinnick Stadium and saw the locker rooms, met with an academic advisor, met with the strength and conditioning coach, and met with Coach McCaffery. I also toured the campus with the assistant coaches while Coach McCaffery had a noon speaking engagement. We went out to eat with the assistants and wrapped it up.

Q: Sounds like a busy day. What did you learn today that you didn't already know?

OGLESBY: I learned that pink locker rooms calm me down. (laugh)

Q: So you got to see the legendary pink locker room at Kinnick.

OGLESBY: Yeah I walked in and got kind of sleepy. It was cool.

Q: What kind of a relationship are you building with Coach McCaffery and is one of the assistant coaches also recruiting you as well?

OGLESBY: I don't really even talk to the assistants very much. It is basically just Coach McCaffery. I have built a really good relationship with him and he is a great guy. I think he is going to turn Iowa's program around big time. It is good to talk to him and see him today. He talked about what he thinks I can do in the future, what kind of player I am, and his type of coaching and style of play. I think he is going to be a good fit for Iowa and will be here for a while.

Q: What has he told you as far as you being a priority in recruiting and his plans for this recruiting class?

OGLESBY: He said he has only offered two other kids in this class at my position, as far as guards. He had offered Paul Jesperson and Jarrod Uthoff, but they have committed already to other schools and had taken the offer away from Coleman. He has told me that he thinks I can play as a freshman, which is good. I think I can go in there and shoot, but I know I have to prepare myself physically and that is why we went there today to get information on a training program. I want to be able to get a full year of training in so if I did go there or if I went to Minnesota, I would work their program to prepare, or Illinois or Arizona State. I think if I have a year of lifting like a college program it would help me a lot.

Q: What is the visit schedule now for you as far as officials starting up in September?

OGLESBY: It starts with Iowa on the 11th for the Iowa/Iowa State game. Then Minnesota on the 18th for the Minnesota/USC game. Then Arizona State for the Arizona State/Oregon game on the 25th. Then to Illinois on October 2nd/3rd for the Illinois/Ohio State game.

Q: You are going to get to see some pretty good college football teams.

OGLESBY: I know that is what I said. I get to see Iowa and they are a top ten team. Ohio State is ranked #2, Oregon is #4, and USC is a top ten team. It's pretty cool.

Q: When are you going to make your decision?

OGLESBY: I am just going to take my time right now. I was going to decide on September 21st, but people moved their visits around. They want the best weekend for me to come in to show me the best they have. I am just going to let it play out and figure it out after my official visits. I will probably make my announcement fairly soon after my official visits. Probably early October.

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