August 10, 2010

Poggi enjoying life in Iowa City

The pace of life in Iowa City is a bit slower than Baltimore and Jim Poggi is just fine with that. He loves his new home and enjoyed the summer hanging out with his Hawkeye teammates and putting in work with Coach Doyle. Now it is down to business for the true freshman linebacker with the start of fall camp. He talks about practice, learning from the guys who are playing the LEO position, and much more.

Q: How was the first practice?

POGGI: I loved it. I thought it was great.

Q: Little different than in high school I would imagine.

POGGI: A lot different. It's a lot faster pace with more going on.

Q: You were here most of the summer. Did you enjoy it?

POGGI: Yeah, I liked it a lot. The great thing is all of the coaches were exactly who they said they would be. We have an awesome strength and conditioning program and I feel like I got a lot faster and stronger. All the guys here made me feel right at home.

Q: What are your thoughts on playing as a true freshman? What have the coaches told you?

POGGI: I have no idea. I'm not really worried about it. I am just watching the older guys and trying to learn as much as possible.

Q: Maybe special teams this year?

POGGI: I really have no idea.

Q: You hang around with James Morris a lot this summer to show you around Iowa City?

POGGI: Yeah, we hang out quite a bit. Iowa City is a great town and James has been great showing me around. Iowa City is totally different than Baltimore. It's a lot slower, but I really like it out here. The people are really nice.

Q: How long were you out here this summer?

POGGI: I came out in June, second or third week, I think. We had like two weeks off, but I was out here almost all of the summer.

Q: What position have you been working at?

POGGI: I am working at LEO, which is strong side backer and just getting the basics down. It's a lot of new stuff. Tyler Nielsen and Ross Peterson are working there and they have been helping me a lot. This summer in some of the seven on seven stuff, they always told me what to do. Troy Johnson has been helping me a lot too.

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