June 28, 2010

Things moving fast for Josh Perry

One of the advantages of having the class of 2011 nearly wrapped up for the Ohio State coaches is the opportunity to start identifying major targets for the class of 2012. Olentangy high school linebacker Josh Perry is one of those players and the Buckeyes are already looking good for the 6-foot-3, 225-pounder.

The junior-to-be was one of many campers to visit Ohio State over the past week and he went in knowing that he had the game to compete with the top athletes around and the talented player knew that a good enough showing could net some big rewards.

"I thought camp was pretty successful and the coaches told me that they wanted to see how I ran around so I knew I was going to go in there and make mistakes but I wanted to learn and see how I could correct those," Perry said. "I felt that I was on point correcting those things and felt good about it."

Ohio State's recruiting class for 2012 will be somewhere in the mid-teens when it comes to spots and the Buckeyes have been very, very stingy when it comes to handing out verbal offers to this point. Was getting an offer a goal for Perry going into the camp?

"It was a goal for me because I have been in contact with coach Darrell Hazell since the end of my freshman year," Perry admitted. "I have been on campus and done an academic walk through and visited with all the coaches and like what they do along with Jim Tressel. I knew I had the potential and wanted to do my best and one goal was to get an offer but I didn't know if it was going to happen and I was just hoping for the best."

There is NCAA legislation going on at this time that may limit the amount of time that written offers are allowed to be extended but regardless of how that is set up the Buckeyes were set to let Perry know that they wanted him in their plans for the future.

"What happened was coach Luke Fickell was talking to my high school coach and he said that, 'Josh is offered', and my coach told my dad," Perry said of how the process went down. "I was out and my dad was out too."

Perry was obviously excited about receiving the verbal offer news from his father when the two were able to reconnect. Perry does not plan to let things cool down too much with the offer fresh in hand (so to speak).

"We are going tomorrow to sit down (Tuesday afternoon) with coach Fickell, Hazell and coach Tressel and talk about this and really plan out and see how this would work and see what their commitment to them is and mine is to them," Perry said. "I will have my mom, dad and high school coach with me."

Could the process end before it ever starts for Perry?

"Ohio State has been high on my list so this is a perfect situation for me," Perry said of his upcoming meeting. "I have a strong feeling that I could commit."

Perry has had multiple conversations in the past with his parents and his coach so if things feel right at the moment he could just pull the trigger on the spot or may wait until he has one more chance to consult with his inner circle.

Where do the Buckeyes see Perry ending up if he is part of the program in the future?

"It is kind of a wait and see," Perry said. "We talked about it and they figure I could be playing defensive end or tight end if I grow a couple of inches. If I stay the same size however I could be playing linebacker."

Perry would have to wait for two years before joining the program and while the wait may seem like a long time he would be happy to get it out of the way.

"It would feel pretty good and it is also one of the things that I have talked about," Perry said. "It would take a lot of pressure off not having to worry about if this happens and if this happens. I also know what I am getting into and can prepare."

Despite the possibility of making an early decision Perry would like to finish off the last four academic semesters of high school and graduate in the spring. But he added that he has a long time to think about that but would enjoy being able to do some of the rights of a senior in high school (prom, etc).

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