June 23, 2010

Fisher on the road to recovery

The Iowa Hawkeyes were the first team to offer Omaha linebacker Cole Fisher and have kept after him as he recovers from ACL surgery this off-season. The 6-foot-3, 190-pound Fisher, who is planning a return trip to Iowa City next week, talks about his interest in the Hawkeyes, his thoughts on Nebraska joining the Big Ten, how his rehab is coming along, and much more.

Q: Are you still at two offers right now?

FISHER: Yep, Iowa and Kansas.

Q: Have you been on any visits or stopped by any camps yet this summer? I know you're still rehabbing from your knee injury too.

FISHER: I went down to the Nebraska camp because the coaches wanted to see, but that was around the same time of the whole Big Ten news and their press conference, so they were kind of busy and I didn't really get to talk to them too much.

Q: Are you making a visit to Iowa coming up?

FISHER: Yeah, me and my dad were thinking about going over there pretty soon, maybe next week.

Q: With Iowa, how often do you stay in contact with their coaches?

FISHER: I've gotten a ton of handwritten notes from them in the mail and have talked to them on the phone a couple times. Then I've been over there to visit like three times.

Q: What are those conversations like them?

FISHER: It's just kind of staying in touch. They want me to get over there for another visit so I can hang out with the players more and ask them some questions to get their perspective.

Q: Going back to the ACL injury, where are you at right now in the recovery process?

FISHER: I'm pretty close to five months out and I can't complain with how I'm coming along. Our school had a camp going over basic stuff and some drills and I actually got to do the first session of it, but without pads. That was probably the biggest thing so far.

Q: When are they thinking as far as being back to 100%?

FISHER: Hopefully by the start of the season. I think it might be cutting it kind of close to the first game, but I'm pretty sure I should be okay.

Q: What's it been like for you? Obviously, it's a frustrating time to have an injury like that going into your senior year.

FISHER: It has its ups and downs. Some days you're feeling really good and you want to work harder, but other days you think about how it sucks and you just wish it didn't happen. But there's nothing you can do about. You've just got to stick with it through those tough days and just keep on going.

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