May 11, 2010

McCay Making Plans for Norman

There was a point in time when rumors swirled about whether or not Shawnee (Kan.) Bishop Miege wide receiver Justin McCay would ever be able to take full advantage of his scholarship to the University of Oklahoma. The 6-foot-3, 197-pound McCay had fallen behind on his grades and might not ever make up for the lost time.

On Monday, his final day of school at Miege, McCay reveled in only having to take two of his potential seven final tests.

"My last day was today, I got two finals, you get exempt if you have As and I have seven classes and I have 5 As and two B-plusses so I only had to take two tests," McCay said. "I took all cores my senior year, which is different than a lot of seniors but for myself it worked out well for me."

McCay will be reporting to Oklahoma on June 1, earlier than many of his classmates, and says that he has already started to consider not only what it will be like being in Norman but what it will be like leaving behind so many people who meant so much to him.

"I'm ready to start, I don't want to say start over but it's a new beginning to my life. I've got to be a man as my dad would say," he mused. "It's only two or three weeks away, it's crazy that it's so close."

That's not to say that the date is sneaking up on McCay, in fact reports from the Miege staff is the work he is putting into his assigned workout schedule has seen quick results.

The skilled wideout admits the workout-given to each Oklahoma recruits after National Signing Day-takes him beyond anything he has done before.

"It's going pretty well so far. Today was like week eight and it's killing me right now but I'll get it done," he said.

During his workouts it seems entirely possible that McCay has taken a minute or two to himself to look back on a senior year that was written up in the storybooks. Taking Miege to it's first football state title in over 30 years was one thing but then in the spring he helped Miege to it's first ever undefeated season and another state title.

"This year was just crazy. I wouldn't say winning one in football makes you used to it, they are so different," he said. "Football takes a lot of information, basketball you get out there and warm-up and then go play," he said.

McCay is quick to point out that it wasn't just himself that played a big role in Miege's historic athletic season, in fact many seniors from all sports played a part in the one thing McCay seems to take the most pride in.

"We might have the best senior class in Miege history. We had something like 30 something people sign athletic scholarships, all the way from junior college to division one," he said.

McCay, who says he was visited by Oklahoma offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson just last week , broke down his plans for enrolling at Oklahoma and who he could be rooming with.

"I'm driving down on June 1 and I think I move in my dorm the fourth, I'm going down a little bit early just to get ready and stuff," he said. "I'm hoping I am rooming with Blake (Bell)."

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