April 27, 2010

Chuck Bullough talks scrimmage

UCLA defensive coordinator Chuck Bullough had every reason to happy with his squad's performance Saturday Evening, but in typical coach fashion, Bullough was quick to point out what needs to be improved on his side of the ball. Bullough gives his evaluation, as much as he could without seeing tape of the game and quick rundown on some of the positions on the defensive side of the ball.

BruinBlitz.com: Can you give us an assessment on how your defense performed?

Bullough: "There were a couple plays there that were really disappointing. There were two on this side (the Bruin home side of the field) and me being over there (the visiting side), I couldn't see so I can't wait to see the film.

"It was a third down where it looked like a missed tackle over here and then down the sideline it looked like another missed tackle, so I'm not sure until I see the film, I just have to see what happened on those, but besides that they (the defense) played well.

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