April 7, 2010

Beavers move into Reser for Day 5

After a week and a half cooped up inside, the weather finally cleared up and Reser Stadium was again buzzing with action. Former Beavers Keaton Kristick, Lyle Moevao, Howard Croom, Brandon Powers, Pernnell Booth, and Ben Terry were on hand to watch. Also, ESPN Blogger Ted Miller made the trip to Corvallis to get a look at the Beavers.

Also, Sean Mannion was on hand to take a look at the Beaver offense. Coach Riley spoke briefly with Mannion towards the start of practice and the remainder, he played spectator from a close proximity. Mannion certainly looks the part and is all of his 6-4.

Individual drills went as usual and as skelly drills got under way, it was evident that Cody Vaz was in the zone. The redshirt freshman delivered the ball on time and on target time after time. Aaron Nichols was the beneficiary of the extremely accurate Vaz passes.

Ryan Katz continued to show off the cannon, at one point hitting tight end John Reese in the ahem stomach, dropping him to the turf, he did hang on however. While Katz and Vaz thrived on the overcast Wednesday afternoon, Peter Lalich struggled at times and was picked off a few times. Reasons for the picks were late decisions, which allowed the defender to make up ground and step in front of the pass.

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