April 6, 2010

Day 4 a look at the quarterbacks

The sound of pads popping echoed throughout Truax Indoor Center today with players decked out in full gear. Early on Justin Kahut extended his leg past 50 yards and while the consistency wasn't there today, he certainly had room to spare on all kicks.

Another noteworthy observation was the duo of Dax Dilbeck and Rashaad Reynolds returning kicks. Interesting to see how the Dilbeck experiment works out. He certainly has the burst and speed to be effective in the return game, and with such depth in the secondary any way his athleticism can be used will be explored.

Quarterbacks were the focus of my ever so scrutenous eye today and I liked what I saw.

Ryan Katz - What I like about Katz, besides the obvious arm strength and much needed mobility, is the kid throws with a purpose. Good play fakes from Ryan, and he sets up well with a strong base to throw off of. Katz delivers the ball downhill and with tremendous zip. One aspect of his game he is really working on with coach Langsdorf is his touch and working on taking a little off of some of the shorter throws. Ryan's ball has tendency to sail when he gets rushed and doesn't get his legs beneath him. Katz, like many righty's, is very comfortable throwing on the run to his right.

Peter Lalich - While he doesn't get to the set up point as quickly as the other quarterbacks, Lalich does a great job of getting his feet set and in line with where he is throwing the ball. His compact upper half is what makes for the relatively easy looking delivery. And of course, he has quite the arm as well. Peter can't improve his speed overnight, so what he will need to work on is making a quick decision and getting rid of the ball. He throws a tight spiral, and he's been able to get away with late throws because of his strong arm. If he can team his arm strength with quick decisions, the sky is the limit. Oh, and he's tall. It's funny looking at him in the shotgun with Quizz next to him.

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