February 2, 2010

Set to sign: B.J. Lowery

B.J. Lowery is a young man of few words, but his level of excitement with signing day approaching is increasing with each passing day. The future Hawkeye will sign his letter of intent on Wednesday morning and he has a sincere appreciation for the coaches and teachers at his high school who have helped him develop athletically and as a student. He talks about his plans for signing day, what the Iowa coaches have been telling him, plus a whole lot more.

Q: Are you getting excited about Wednesday and signing day?

LOWERY: Yes I am, but I try to stay level headed about stuff like this.

Q: What have you been doing since the end of the football season? You are playing basketball, right?

LOWERY: Yes. I am doing well, but our team record isn't that great. I am averaging about 17 points a game.

Q: Have the Iowa coaches been by your high school and what have they been telling you?

LOWERY: Coach Ferentz and Coach Parker have been by for their visits. They have just been telling me what I need to do to get ready and prepared for college at Iowa.

Q: Was there a buzz at your school when Coach Ferentz comes there and do people seem to know who he is?

LOWERY: (laugh) Not really because he came there when everyone was in class, so I don't think they got to see him.

Q: What has Coach Parker's message been to you throughout the process?

LOWERY: Just to continue to stay active and then be ready to learn when I get there.

Q: What are your plans for Wednesday?

LOWERY: I am supposed to sign at the Board of Education at 11 a.m. And then around 1:30 p.m. we are supposed to have something back at school with the rest of the students.

Q: I talked to someone at your school a while back and they said that there is a real excitement for you at the school because this sort of opportunity doesn't happen very often for a kid at your school. Do you take a lot of pride in that?

LOWERY: It feels really good. I am really excited to be the first one from the high school to get this sort of opportunity and get a scholarship to Iowa.

Q: It seems like you have a really good support system there with the teaches and the administration that helped you reach this opportunity.

LOWERY: Everyone here is really great. They have really helped me get to this point.

Q: Did you watch the Orange Bowl?

LOWERY: (laugh) Yeah. It felt really good to watch the Hawkeyes win.

Q: Did you take minute during the game to sort of picture yourself out there in an Iowa uniform?

LOWERY: Yeah I did.

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