February 1, 2010

Set to sign: De'Andre Johnson

After missing most of his senior year with a torn ACL, running back De'Andre Johnson is anxious to get back on the football field. On Wednesday, he will take another step toward doing that when he officially signs to play for the Iowa Hawkeyes. We caught up with Johnson to talk about the upcoming day, how his rehab is going, attending the Orange Bowl, and more.

Q: What are you doing on Wednesday for signing day?

JOHNSON: I'm just signing at my school with the rest of my teammates.

Q: How many guys do you have signing this year?

JOHNSON: We've got a lot. It's me, Isaac Dixon, Isaiah Williams, Johnathan Ragoo, Zach Soto, and Normondo Harris.

Q: That's quite a group. Is that a lot more than normal?

JOHNSON: Yeah, that's the most in Pace history and all of them are DI scholarships. We only usually have one or two each year.

Q: You're still signing with Iowa, right?


Q: Now, you went to the Orange Bowl, correct?

JOHNSON: Yeah, I was at the game.

Q: What was that experience like for you?

JOHNSON: It was fun. Just knowing that I'm going to be in that environment next year, playing with those guys, it was a good feeling.

Q: What did you think of the game itself?

JOHNSON: It was a good game. The offense came through when they needed them to and the defense played great.

Q: Did that give you some bragging rights at school?

JOHNSON: (laugh) Yeah, it did.

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